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Becoming Wordly Wise

It is quite disheartening to notice the change in trends of the way people travel. Now days more and more families as well as individuals choose the easier and better option of taking packaged tours and vacations at resorts both within the country as well as abroad. All of these packaged tours are tailor made and routine and the guest prefer it that way. Gone are the days when people used to love to travel and explore the different places. The exploration and the thrill of discoveries is missing. More and more people want it the easy way out.

The thrill of planning and going on a trip on your own by yourself or with your family is a different experience altogether. There is quite a bit of planning involved. You have got to research the place and find out how to get there and what places to visit. But then doing all the planning and organising itself is fun. There is nothing to match that experience that you have of making it on your own and arriving at a new place.

Whether you have flown or come on your bike and however, you feel that you have arrived and are looking forward to a good soft clean bed and somewhere to rest. If you have booked with a local home as their guest you get to be home and enjoy home cooked food. You start sensing the local culture and get a feel of the kind of people and their thinking. Everything about human emotions and outlook become plainly visible to you through the way the community goes about their life.

First hand knowledge of meeting strangers, getting to know their kindness, large heartedness and other positive emotions can enlarge your own views and grow your persona too. It is not only that you grow from seeing the good things, but even sights of poverty, problems, suffering and difficult circumstances can move you and make you wiser too.

In fact every individual immediately after completing studies should take off for a year and go globetrotting. This school of real life and world could teach him far more important lessons the classroom and theory. Becoming worldly wise would make him a stable and emotionally positive and sensitive being.

One gets to learn from seeing new places, understanding their culture, way of life, attitudes, beliefs and faith too. You get to taste different types of foods, see different customs and this enlarges your own thinking when you know that it takes all types of people to make up this world.

If you can afford to buy a motor home and take off for a few months, you can have the best time of your life exploring the country side on your own. This makes you self sufficient and become better at managing your life for without planning and discipline you will not be able to survive the trip. All life skills will then be learnt on this trip when you learn to live on your own. In fact even for the newly married couples or those into serious relationship, this could be the best idea to get away. Having to live in close proximity and share all the chores and responsibilities along with the magic of discovering new places and enjoying holiday together will help cement the relationship on the right foundation, one which is built on mutual respect, companionship, trust and love.

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